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I am Learner according to Gallup:
People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.

They say I am made of the 5 following attributes:
1) Strategic 2) Futuristic 3) Relator 4) Learner 5) Achiever

My 2023 Results:

What makes you stand out?

By nature, you choose to spend each week working toward clearly defined goals. When you have performance targets, you are more methodical about gathering information, data, facts, or evidence. Lacking weekly objectives, you know you risk collecting lots of interesting but useless knowledge.

You realize that if you wander off course, time may be wasted and the objectives you set for yourself may be ignored. Chances are good that you are attracted to difficult and challenging endeavors. You are not inclined to look for the easy way out. You are bold. You take risks. You dare to stretch your mind.

You test the limits of your abilities in ways that timid individuals would not attempt. Driven by your talents, you feel rather good about life when people answer your questions and keep you well informed about topics that affect you personally or professionally. You prefer to be bombarded with facts, data, or explanations.

Receiving only bits and pieces of information is likely to raise your level of anxiety, suspicion, or frustration. You are apt to become upset when individuals forget or refuse to tell you something you think you have a right or a need to know. Instinctively, you feel upbeat about life when you can register for demanding and rigorous classes.

You probably aspire to enroll in specialized courses. Why? You trust yourself to meet the challenges. You know you will acquire lots of knowledge or special skills. It’s very likely that you concentrate for extended periods of time.

This is one reason why you ultimately master skills and grasp concepts.



Doug W. has expertise in various fields related to automated streaming media, social media, web development, AI and other automated intelligence (AI).

Although Doug possesses knowledge in code, computer system networks, websites, apps, and troubleshooting, including reverse engineering various multi-layered board level and component levels etc. Doug can also provide support for client/server administration, virtual environments, web development, and desktop applications, working with different proprietary and end-user PC desktop technologies.


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