This shirt above is for anyone who uses Doug (upRiver) Tech Support. Doug assigns someone who can remote or work onsite to quickly fix any issue. Servers, PC, Network, Website, Printers, Apps, VMS, Virtual Machines, Backups & More. Visit Double E Creations for custom shirts, apparel, caps and hats. SLA (Site License Agreement) Whether Onsite,…

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  • Doug W…

    Doug W…

    Image above: Many agree, this musician is Doug’s Doppleganger… I am not a musician of instruments, but maybe more a musician of computing. My expertise is in fields related to automation, streaming media, text to speech (TTS), speech to text (STT), web search, web ads, social media, Joomla, Drupal, Craft, WordPress, IIS, Azure, AWS, GWS,…

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  • Hire Me!

    Hire Me!

    I’m the original “Hire Me!” guy. “Will Compute for Food!” Austin American Statesman, Friday March 1, 2002.Metro & State Roundup Section. My story. After losing my job at XO Communications, formerly known as NextLink and previously as NextTel, I found myself in a challenging situation. This unfortunate event happened shortly after the 9/11 tragedy and…

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  • kmc.net

    kmc.net Kent Moore Cabinets

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  • xo.com

    xo.com telecommunications – worked on the IOM – integrated order manager

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  • boeing.com

    We were sw.boeing.com at the time. Systems Analyst / Founding Webmaster 1995 40 departments: Cross Functional Team of Web Developers Slogan by R. Douglas Watkins for the Internal Web: “The sky is no longer the limit” – Developed in 1996 CatView Catia View: File type .doug For GSM, GSA, Images and Drawings. Boeing Internal /…

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  • worksteps.com

    worksteps.com WorkSTEPS testing soon became an effective and popular tool for employers to reduce workers compensation claims and create safer workplaces. WorkSTEPS has since grown to be the largest national provider of functional employment testing, testing for thousands of employers through a national network of trained, certified, and managed providers.

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  • dermascope.com

    dermascope.com – industry magazine and trade association AIA DERMASCOPE publishes 14 issues annually for readers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Its weekly electronic newsletter is delivered to more than 50,000 subscribers and includes exclusives, industry trends, and spa humor.  DERMASCOPE is social – follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with…

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Doug W. has expertise in various fields related to automated streaming media, social media, web development, AI and other automated intelligence (AI).

Although Doug possesses knowledge in code, computer system networks, websites, apps, and troubleshooting, including reverse engineering various multi-layered board level and component levels etc. Doug can also provide support for client/server administration, virtual environments, web development, and desktop applications, working with different proprietary and end-user PC desktop technologies.


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