Greetings, I am

Doug Watkins

Expert in fields related to mass media-communications google advertising, yelp, bing, youtube, push automation, streaming media, search optimization, social media, web development, VMS, shared servers, AI and streaming automation intelligence (AI, UBU, VRS, VTV)


Mobile / Portable / Scalable Broadcasting Kit:

Made by Online Broadcasters for Online Broadcasting.

Developed and designed a retro version of terrestrial television online mixed it with Youtube & Social Network functionality. Developed a LAMP Full Stack Hybrid VMS CDN Partner Network known as



upRiver Studio App Store

upRiver Studio is a curator that provides streaming media solutions for various purposes and audiences.

  • upRiver Studio apps:  Allow you to create, edit, and broadcast your own live or recorded content. You can choose from different genres, formats, and features to suit
  • upRiver Streaming Hardware: Mobile Backpack, Broadcast Kit
    (Mobile Marti) a “TV Truck in a Backpack”
    Streaming Desktop Systems, Cart Based Broadcast Systems.
  • SLA upRiver Licensing – Licensing for Web Services & Channels – Censorship Protections, Cloud Storage etc.

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FULL STACK Developer

Kats Botanicals

#1 In market space one year after my implementation was installed.

Freelance WHM/cPanel Full Stack Wordpress Dedicated VPS Developer: Hyper-growth, Planning Scale and Rapid Development, Legacy Integration,
Redeveloping Architecture. Large Multiple Overlapping Codebases and Sub-Systems. DNS Subdomains, Version Controls, API Etc.

DBA Priorities:

Manager / Administrate Users Created by BOTS, Injection, Users trapped in Shop Cart – Re-Market to Users who added to cart but did not purchase, mailing list, coupon management.

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Full Stack Developer / Google Ads Expert

Kent Moore Cabinets

#1 in market space 3 years in a row after I upgraded, rethought and implemented an ecommerce, call to action-based website.

88+ Million Dollar Cabinet Maker is Texas
3 of the 5 years I was in charge of the website and public facing VMS web servers.

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Systems Analyst II / Webmaster


Systems Analyst / Founding Webmaster

Boeing Internal / External Systems – Established 40 person – Cross-Functional Team of Web Developers; Developed Procedures/Taught HTML and WYSIWYG to internal Employees. I was able to create this position based on my own efforts to move computing forward.

Boeing Corinth – Ron Delaney

Terry Tuck – Dan Cassidy

HPUX – Rick Barr
Novell – Johnny McGill
Systems Analyst – Fucheng Sun
Systems Analyst II / Web – Doug Watkins
DBA/SHERPA – Roger Trimble
Systems Analyst II – Robby Lantz
Systems Analyst David Baker
Systems Analyst – Patrick Schully
Systems Analyst John C. Barber

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UI/UX Designer

Lead Full-Stack Developer / Project Manager for Production Web Application

4000 to 7000 concurrent anytime users:

Medical Testing Centers nationwide. Workers Compensation business rules, Customized Application Support. Gathered and Developed ADA, HIPAA,
Industry business rules for the Primary Online Nursing Center Application

Risk & Loss Mitigation:
Waste Management was our largest client at that particular time.

ADA Compliances: – Watch Video –