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Technologist, Developer, Inventor, Consultant, Strategic Thinking Expert

People who are especially talented in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.

2023 Test results:
They say I am made of the 5 following attributes:
1) Strategic 2) Futuristic 3) Relator 4) Learner 5) Achiever

What makes you stand out?

Instinctively, you can reconfigure factual information or data in ways that reveal trends, raise issues, identify opportunities, or offer solutions. You bring an added dimension to discussions. You make sense out of seemingly unrelated information.

You are likely to generate multiple action plans before you choose the best one. By nature, you customarily pinpoint the core problems and identify the best solutions. You artfully and skillfully eliminate distractions. This helps people gain a clear understanding of what is happening and why it is happening.

You frequently identify ways to transform an obstacle into an opportunity. Because of your strengths, you have no difficulty finding the right words to express your ideas. You are quite comfortable talking about ways to make people or things more complete, perfect, or excellent. It’s very likely that you examine the past.

You discover why things happened. This permits you to foresee the future. You study humankind’s story to identify subtle nuances, recurring sequences of events, and predictable human behavior. Generating clever, resourceful, inventive, and original alternatives, you can offer solutions to age-old problems.

Driven by your talents, you automatically generate numerous ways to enhance, upgrade, revise, correct, or revamp a process, action plan, or itinerary.

Your suggestions often influence how a project will unfold in the coming months, years, or decades. You tend to find fault with your own and even other people’s talents, skills, and/or knowledge.

Fixing people or things ranks high on your favorite activities.

Work Experience in Strategic Thinking

  1. Business Modeling and Planning Expertise
    P&L & Proforma
  2. Boeing Defense & Space
  3. Phoenix Electric Inc.
  4. WorkSTEPS
  5. Virtual Radio Inc.
  6. IOM
  7. CatView – Catia Development – GIS Systems
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