Test Results for 2023 – Relator:

People who are especially talented in the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.

They say I am made of the 5 following attributes:
1) Strategic 2) Futuristic 3) Relator 4) Learner 5) Achiever

What makes you stand out?

By nature, you are drawn to the process of gaining knowledge and skills. You long to build on what you already know. You yearn to improve on what you already can do.

When you meet people who value education as much as you do, you are eager to hear about their personal or professional ambitions, intentions, or goals. Understanding what others aim to accomplish in the coming weeks, months, or years can be the beginning of a practical partnership or an enduring friendship. It’s very likely that you deconstruct tangled situations.

You sort through facts to discover the inner workings of intricate processes, regulations, programs, or action plans. People rely on you to break complicated things into their basic parts. They trust you to present the information they need in an easy-to-understand manner. Because of your strengths, you are someone to whom others turn for an honest perspective about a project, person, event, or idea.

They trust you will share your viewpoints. Chances are good that you embrace life more fully when you are surrounded by people whose personal aims or professional ambitions are clearly defined.

Driven by your talents. you are known for making unintelligible or complex ideas, plans, procedures, or regulations easy to understand.



Doug W. has expertise in various fields related to automated streaming media, social media, web development, AI and other automated intelligence (AI).

Although Doug possesses knowledge in code, computer system networks, websites, apps, and troubleshooting, including reverse engineering various multi-layered board level and component levels etc. Doug can also provide support for client/server administration, virtual environments, web development, and desktop applications, working with different proprietary and end-user PC desktop technologies.


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