At, our mission is to revolutionize the streaming media landscape by delivering seamless, high-quality, and personalized streaming experiences to users around the globe.

We strive to provide innovative solutions that optimize content delivery, enhance video quality, and ensure uninterrupted streaming across various devices and network conditions.

Through cutting-edge technologies and adaptive streaming algorithms, we empower content creators, broadcasters, and enterprises to reach their audience effectively, engage viewers, and expand their digital presence.

Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and user-centricity drives us to continuously push the boundaries of streaming technology, making the go-to platform for exceptional streaming experiences.



Doug W. has expertise in various fields related to automated streaming media, social media, web development, AI and other automated intelligence (AI).

Although Doug possesses knowledge in code, computer system networks, websites, apps, and troubleshooting, including reverse engineering various multi-layered board level and component levels etc. Doug can also provide support for client/server administration, virtual environments, web development, and desktop applications, working with different proprietary and end-user PC desktop technologies.


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