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For over a decade I have been working on a network of websites that utilizes the resources of one another; speedstream upRiver and,,,, and many other sites.
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It’s my most elegant, complex, deep & wide business model since the early days of etunz – virtual radio/tv and related technologies depth and nature of the intellectual property, code-base and a talented crew.

In 1993 when we first built I called V-Zone w/ a Desert Storm Game by KH – others replicated the design. I designed the VR Helmut’s and other features.

1994 I invented VTV – Vote TV
The Voting Channel
Public Polling & Voting Using Virtual Television Channels
Ray Deaver of Reagan & Ross Perot fame said “It’s a Promising Idea.”

StationBuilder Brand Master Control Tool for Streaming Control
Martha Stewart's Team found us at CES
Martha Stewart’s Team found us at CES 2010
and took this pic

Malcolm Gladwell calls him a “Maven,” Mark Alpert students w/ University Of Texas School Of Business Administration studied SPEEDSTREAM.TV for a full semester project in 2012

2021 – Designed New Platform / Software Suite versions of Online Tools & Levels of Control Interfaces
Designed in 2009

Media Stunt in 2002
Made it in 15 Newspapers in the USA
TV Coverage, Texas Workforce Commission
Found work immediately.

2002 – 2004 etunz virtual radio / tv and related technologies

1996 Boeing Defense & Space – Systems Analyst – Created a 40 department Cross-Functional Team of Web Developers.

2015-2021 – Enterprise Back-End & Publishing Workflow Deign

1993 Virtual Reality Designs in Arcade & Military uses. Collaborated with Eric Howlett of LEEP Systems.

1986 I invented a type of Video On Demand
– I called it MMA – Modem Movie Access

simplified streamer apps
embedcontrolaudio, video, distribution & support services

Your Audience, Message, Brand, Control. You Design, Live & Pre-Recorded, Public and Private, Freedom of Speech, Public Channels 1 through 13 and U..

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